About Me

I am a second year DPhil student at the University of Oxford in Machine Learning supervised by Prof. Yee Whye Teh and Prof. Dino Sejdinovic. Before joining the Oxford Statistical Machine Learning Group, I did my MSc in Applied Statistics at the University of Oxford. Prior to that, I graduated with BSc in Mathematics from Imperial College London.

I have previously interned at Bloomberg L.P. in Global Data London, where I worked on automating inefficient workflows. My current research interest lies in Meta-Learning and Kernel Methods. Specifically, understanding uncertainty in Deep Learning Models.

Most Recent Work


Pruning untrained neural networks : Principles and Analysis

Soufiane Hayou, Jean-Francois Ton, Arnaud Doucet, Yee Whye Teh


Under review Link.


MetaFun: Meta-Learning with Iterative Functional Updates

Jin Xu, Jean-Francois Ton, Hyunjik Kim, Adam R. Kosiorek, Yee Whye Teh


Under review Link.


Noise Contrastive Meta Learning for Conditional Density Estimation using Kernel Mean Embeddings

Jean-Francois Ton, Lucian Chan, Yee Whye Teh, Dino Sejdinovic


Under review Link.


Automated Model Selection Using Bayesian Quadrature

Henry Chai, Jean-Francois Ton, Roman Garnett, Michael A. Osborne


Our paper has been accepted at ICML 2019 Link

Non-stationary GP

Spatial Mapping with Gaussian Processes and Nonstationary Fourier Features

Jean-Francois Ton, Seth Flaxman, Dino Sejdinovic, Samir Bhatt


Our paper has been accepted at Journal of Spatial Statistics 2018


A Unified Analysis of Random Fourier Features

Zhu Li,Jean-Francois Ton, Dino Oglic, Dino Sejdinovic


Our paper has been accepted at ICML 2019 (Honorable Mention for Best Paper Award) Link

Research interests

My main interests lie in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning. I have done projects on MCMC Methods, Gaussian Processes, Bayesian Quadrature and Bayesian Deep Learning. I am currently working on Meta-Learning and in understanding uncertainty in Deep Learning Models. In my free time I like to do photography and play table tennis.

Curriculum vitae

My Résumé is available here.

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Department of Statistics
University of Oxford
24-29 St Giles
Oxford OX1 3LB, UK